Featured Song #2: Skerryvore – Take Me Home

Our second featured song is from a group well known for their mastery of traditional Celtic instruments…

Brothers Daniel and Martin Gillespie began playing music on the island of Tiree back in 2004 with the aid of a couple of friends from neighbouring isles in the Inner Hebrides. Mining their Celtic roots whilst wilfully embracing new influences, Skerryvore’s lineup has grown and changed over the years reflecting their progression as musician and composers. Their recent release ‘Take Me Home’ exhibits the huge progress they’ve made in the last few years alone:

Deftly blending rock, trad. folk and Americana, their new record EVO (short for evolution) signals a real shift in the band’s dynamic and style. Half recorded in East Lothian and Conneticut, there’s a real variety to the band’s new set of songs with foot-stompin’ festival numbers sitting neatly alongside softer melodic numbers. The nature of Skerryvore’s music has adapted in response to their surroundings, as well as their slow but steady rise to popularity and its wonderful to see young Scottish musicians taking the music of their people to distant shores.

Skerryvore will be touring the East Coast of the USA throughout August, followed by appearances at Tonfer Festival, Denmark and then a slot at Shrewsbury Folk Festival later that month. You can check their tour schedule and buy their CDs and LPs through their website here.